Teltrace Office Suite

The Teltrace Office Suite is a User centric WEB based software application that offers a comprehensive approach in providing the ability to manage Unified Communications environments and associated costs. The Teltrace Office Suite is a designed to monitor and manage your/your clients’ communications and related equipment and services usage and expenses. Call Data Records (CDR) are collected simultaneously via either RS232 / IP data ports or from processing data files. The Teltrace Office Suite software application can manage Single as well as Multi-Site installations and supports Multi-Vendor switch environments (traditional PBX and IP switches), meaning that TELKOM PBXs as well as SIEMENS and CISCO switches can be managed seamlessly on the same application, as well as Mobile phone CDR Inputs. CDR processing is performed in parallel which reduces processing time tremendously when running Multi Site and/or multi data inputs.

  • The  Teltrace Office Suite application is a fully WEB based application developed in the .NET environment. User and Administrator access is granted on a permissions basis (User Name & Password) by means of a standard Internet Browser (Internet Explorer) via the Internet or Intranet.
  • The  Teltrace Office Suite’s User centric approach allows for multiple Devices such as Extension numbers, PIN number, Mobile numbers, 3G Cards etc. to be assigned to a single user. The result is that the total expenditure of a single user’s multiple devices can be viewed from a single report.
  • The Teltrace Office Suite application is designed to manage large volumes of CDR data from multiple sites/PBX/data sources. The MTS TEM Suite makes use of SQL databases to safely store all relevant information.
  • The Teltrace Office Suite application has nine (9) User Definable Organizational structure levels, where the lowest level will always reflect the relevant Devices (Extension, PIN, Mobile numbers etc.) which make it easy to manage large organizations as well as multi-site installations with expanded organizational structures.
  • The Teltrace Office Suite also has a Generic Import facility to accommodate once off large organizational structures as well as scheduled imports to facilitate “single point of entry” synchronization of Organizational structures, Extension Names and Extension numbers etc.

Modules : The Teltrace Office Suite offers a range of additional modules that can be added to the system as and when required by the client:

  • Call Accounting module – Default module to perform Call Management for Voice, Mobile and Data records.
  • Private Calls Management module – WEB bases access for employees to mark and manage personal calls.
  • Hospitality module – Hotel Front Desk system for B&Bs’, Guest Lodges and small to medium Hotels with COS provisioning.
  • Directory Interface module – Directory interface with Siemens, Cisco, Avaya, Nortel, LDAP, PeopleSoft and Active Directory.
  •  BCM module – Budget Control Management with COS provisioning.
  • Asset Management module – Manage company assets and asset assignments.
  • Tenant Resale module – Reselling of telephony and IT services, including Invoicing and Payment tracking.
  • Help Desk module – Flexible Work Orders and Trouble Ticket work flow system.
  • Cable Management module – document, maintain and optimize physical layer telecommunications and data network cable routes

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