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Aria Technologies Africa

This all-in-one GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) supported Fixed Wireless Terminal (or FWT) product, allows for an easy method to provide wireless GSM to analogue fixed line communications.


SO WIFI or "SOcial WiFi" is a social WiFi solution provider from Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The SO WIFI product is a proven solution for small business in the hospitality, retail and enterprise markets with more than 20,000 clients in various countries and millions of users worldwide. SO WIFI attracts new customers by leveraging on offering free guest-WiFi (or WiFi Hotspot) and turning this free WiFi into a powerful marketing asset for the small business


The iiPECS Cloud hosted telephony solution employs a fully IP architecture to deliver an affordable and flexible hosted telecommunications platform targeting the SMB market and LME markets.

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The aria ip-800 is an innovative hybrid platform maximizing the cost and communication effectiveness for the SME (Small and Medium sized Enterprises) market. With a high-performing new Call Server,  increased VoIP functionality and embedded Unified system software, the aria ip-800 provides seamlessly expandable IP (Internet Protocol) and UC (Unified Communications) capabilities to meet customer  requirements.

Ipecs ucp

The IPECS-UCP (Unified Communications Platform) is the next generation pure IP IPECS solution. UCP is the new name for the 3rd generation IPECS solution. The design includes a Unified Communication Platform for the SMB market, delivering not only sophisticated telephony features, but also UC(Unified Communications) from a single platform.

EMG front

The eMG-80 system employs a converged digital and IP architecture to deliver an affordable and flexible telecommunications platform targeting the SMB market.

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