SS-65NG USB (Music-on-Hold)

Music-on-Hold is one of the most cost-effective means for small, medium and large organisations to advertise their products or services to a captive audience. These systems are easy to install and use, offering a variety of message lengths as well as a selection of royalty based or royalty-free music options. The SS-65NG is a solid state, programmable Music-on-Hold unit designed to provide music to clients while on hold. The unit can also be reprogrammed with advertising messages. The continuous change in needs and requirements of customers require the implementation of enhanced features and facilities to satisfy these customers. The need was identified to allow customers the flexibility to Record and Play back Audio storage. Files are compressed and can be encrypted using the SS-65NG Wave Convertor and files can be copied to internal flash. Records Audio input and eight minutes and forty four seconds (08:44) of internal audio storage. It uses a 12VDC power input and a standard SSTelecoms PABX interface connection. Additional features that were also identified as important to be available on the SS-65NG Music-on-Hold Unit were the requirement for an internal loudspeaker for monitoring playback and the facility for selecting files from USB as well as to provide a “Beep” sound if no internal file is loaded or the file is corrupted or is shorter than five seconds.

  • 8kHz mono audio files
  • Using the SS-65 Wave Convertor application
  • Internal flash
  • Eight minutes and forty four seconds (08:44) of internal audio storage
  • Records audio input
  • LED’s indicate mode of operation
  • Mains to 12VDC power Adaptor
  • Standard Audio PABX interface connection. (Din Connector)
  • Internal loudspeaker for monitoring playback or selecting file from USB.
  • “Beep-Beep” if no internal file loaded or file is corrupted or file is shorter than five seconds.
  • Housing: Black metal box, measuring 130mm x 82 mm x 30mm
  • LED Indicators: Copy, Audio Signal, Recording via audio input socket
  • Connectors: PABX MOH port - 5 Pin DIN

                         : Serial Setup - 9 Pin DIN                          : Power Input - 2.1 mm DC plug  

  • Storage medium: Non-volatile Multi-level Storage technology
  • Storage Capacity: UP to 4 min of music
  • Output: Transformer coupled
  • Output impedance:  Balanced Options - High Level output no DC, High level output 1.0 Kohm DC Path
  • Output Level: Adjustable output level
  • Compatibility input: Compatible with most units
  • Required Voltage: 12V500 mA
  • Current Consumption: Less than 200mA
  • Sampling Rate: 8000Hz

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