SH 230 (single-sided) and SH 260 (double-sided) are professional wired headsets that offer Sennheiser Voice Clarity, all-day comfort, robust quality and features such as:  CircleFlex dual-hinge ear cup for instant perfect fit, noise-cancelling microphone and lightweight adjustable headband. If you work in a noisy call centre or office, you’ll appreciate the voice clarity in the Circle Series headsets. With a noise-cancelling microphone and HD wideband sound, every word comes through crisp and clear for you and the other party. It’s as if you’re having a face-to-face conversation.

SC  photo

SC 230 is a single-sided headset design for professionals that require narrowband and wideband audio in call centre and office work places.

Voyager legend

The Voyager Legend is the next generation of Plantronics’ award-winning Voyager headset line and has three precisely tuned microphones and enhanced DSP (Digital Signal Processing) that optimize your voice and minimize noise caused by wind, movement, and background sounds. Industry-first Smart Sensor technology intuitively directs calls to your phone or headset and allows you to automatically answer by placing the headset on your ear. The Voyager Legend proactively delivers voice alerts to keep you informed of battery level, connection status and announces caller name.

Serial buffer
SS Telecoms

The SS-68 USB Buffer is a call logging buffer that is supplied fitted standard with 128Kbytes of RAM. Battery backup will allow logging in the event of power failure.

LAN Buffer
SS Telecoms

The purpose of the SS-77 is that of a multifunction data buffer. It is designed to collect data from a variety of sources (primarily PABXs) using various protocols. The data can then be retrieved from the SS-77 using a number of different methods. This allows the buffer to be used where the link between the data processing solution and the data source may be intermittent or otherwise prone to data loss. The SS-77 can also be used to provide remote access to serially connected equipment (RS-232) by Ethernet. The data can optionally be time stamped by the buffer.

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