SS77T (Lan Buffer)

The purpose of the SS-77 is that of a multifunction data buffer. It is designed to collect data from a variety of sources (primarily PABXs) using various protocols. The data can then be retrieved from the SS-77 using a number of different methods. This allows the buffer to be used where the link between the data processing solution and the data source may be intermittent or otherwise prone to data loss. The SS-77 can also be used to provide remote access to serially connected equipment (RS-232) by Ethernet. The data can optionally be time stamped by the buffer.

  • Memory Capacity of 8 Megabytes
  • LED's to indicate buffers status
  • Dongle function
  • Battery Backup
  • 10MBit or 100MBit Ethernet operation
  • Hardware Rest Button
  • Audio Beeper
  • Data Collection options via Serial, LAN
  • Protocol  Translation: Binary, ASCII, Robodog
  • Support Internet Protocol: DHCP, TCP, UDP, DNS, SNTP, DHCP
  • Beeper: The beeper sounds when the buffer is 95% full and also indicates status changes.
  • LED Indication
  • Download: Indicates that the logging server has responded to buffer.

                      : On when logging server has responded to the buffer or TCP session is connected to              Socket 0 ( either MMI or NetLog) flicks off when data sent.                       : Off when Serial connected flashes on when data is sent.

  • Heartbeat: Flashing indicates that the unit is operational
  • Double flash indicates some data in the buffer ) 64 or more characters)
  • Triple flash indicates more data in buffer (2048 or more characters)
  • 50%Full: This LED flashes when buffer is 80% full
  • 80%Full: This LED flashes when buffer is 80% full
  • IP OK: Indicates that the IP address is OK or that DHCP was successful if enabled
  • Time SVR:  Indicates the time server returned a valid time
  • PABX RX:  Indicates when data is received from PABX, either via the serial or via the LAN interface, thereby providing visual confirmation that the buffer is receiving data from the PABX
  • PABX CON:  Indicates when IP connection is active to the PABX
  • PWR : This LED indicates that power is being received from the external  12 volts power supply

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