IPECS UCS (Unified Communications Solution) is a powerful suite of communication applications and tools designed to link multiple devices and applications seamlessly.   Working with the IPECS platform, IPECS UCS simplifies human interaction and increases productivity allowing employees to access information and business tools using any device, regardless of location. IPECS UCS provides both Standard and Premium versions. The Standard server is built into the IPECS UCP/eMG80 P2.  As a built in service, customers can save the costs for additional H/W server & OS. Users can use video, Instant Message(IM), Audio Conference, Visual Voice Mail(VVM), as  well as voice calling all on one platform.  As an external server, IPECS UCS Premium provides additional and enhanced collaboration features. With advanced features and collaboration tools, employee’s productivity will be greatly increased.  Although the servers are divided by Standard and Premium, all features are designed for various business sizes. Customers will realize an efficient investment as they choose a type that best fits their business situation. (Standard for SMB / Premium for Enterprise).  The UCS components are IPECS UCS Server, the IPECS UCS Clients (PC, Android, iPhone) and the IPECS IP PBX platform (CM, UCP and eMG-80 P2 ), all connected over an IP network.

  • Integrated Presence
  • Instant Messaging, SMS and Note
  • Audio Conference
  • Video Call
  • Video Conference
  • Click call
  • Call Control
  • Visual Voice Mail
  • Outlook Synchronization
  • Microsoft Exchange Server Integration
  • Collaboration
  • System Supported: IPECS UCP/CM 5.5/eMG-80P2
  • Support OS: Mobile Android , iOS, Windows Desktop PC
  • Supported Device: iPhone, Smart phone, Tablet, iPad
  • Video Call / Conference
    • One-to-one video call from UCS Desktop and Mobile client
    • QCIF, CIF, 4CIF video resolution
    • Face to face conference at anytime and anywhere
    • Max. six party, and eight group video conference (Support only 1:1 on Mobile)
    • QCIF, CIF, 4CIF video resolution
  • Instant Messaging, SMS and Note
    • Various chatting mode 1:1, 1:N, Ad-hoc, and Meet-me
    • Packet encryption by AES
    • Send and receive text message to other internal IPECS system or external SMS users
    • Leave a note for offline UCS user

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South Africa
+27 087 6300000
Zimbabwe & Zambia
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+268 2405 2000
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