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The IPECS-UCP (Unified Communications Platform) is the next generation pure IP IPECS solution. UCP is the new name for the 3rd generation IPECS solution. The design includes a Unified Communication Platform for the SMB market, delivering not only sophisticated telephony features, but also UC(Unified Communications) from a single platform.

The IPECS-UCP in the next generation pure IP system that follows on the legacy OptiCon IPECS system. The IPECS-UCP offers functionality such as distributed architecture, various mobility solutions, application integration etc. the UCP solution is the next step forward. The main characteristics of the new UCP platform can be summarized as follows:

  • UC-centric platform–The option to use the UC Standard (built-in UC platform on the UCP Call Server) or UCS Premium (using external UCS server)
  • Port Capacity Expansion – The system port capacity has been expanded to 2400 ports
  • Application Enhancements – Enhancements to applications to meet the requirement needs of customers
  • Easy System Management – The new Webadmin allows for easier system configuration 

UCP Call Server:

  • UCP100 Unified Communications Platform Server 100, Basic 50, Up to 199 ports
  • UCP600 Unified Communications Platform Server 600, Basic 100, Up to 600 ports
  • UCP2400 Unified Communications Platform Server 2400, Basic 600, Up to 2400 ports


  • COIU4 4 ports Central Office Interface Unit daughter board for UCP100
  • BRIU2/4 2/4 port Basic Rate Interface Unit daughter board for UCP100
  • VOIM8/24 8/24ch VoIP Interface Module
  • LGCM4/8 4/8 port Analog CO Interface Module
  • BRIM2/4 2/4 BRI (4/8ch) Interface Module
  • PRIM 1 port PRI (30ch) Interface Module
  • DTIM8/24 8/24 port DTI Interface Module
  • SLTM4/8/32 4/8/32 port Single Line Telephone Interface Module
  • MCIM 32ch Audio Conference Interface Module
  • UVM Unified Voice Mail Storage Interface Module
  • WTIM 4/8 TDM based DECT gateway (with GDC-500H handset)
  • IP-DECT supported (GDC-800H handset, GDC-800B Base Station, GDC-800R Repeater)


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