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One-A-LOG Voice Recorder

The OmniLOG voice recording system (One-A-Log) is a reliable and future-proofed single-line multi-user telephone and office recording solution. It is ideal for any size organisation to capture, store, retrieve and play back voice and radio communications. It can be used for digital, analogue and VoIP extensions on any desktop or laptop to deliver high quality voice recordings. It is a top of the range product that is easy to use and can be setup and installed within 5 min.

The One-A-LOG® Voice Recording system is a single channel, multi user telephone and office recording solution.

  • It is capable of recording in MP3 or WAV format.
  • It can record both Analogue and Digital telephone lines or extension

It includes active notes (POP UP Window) whilst recording and includes:

  • Time recording
  • Number dialed / received
  • Call / meeting duration
  • Type of call / meeting
  • Unique identifier / ID

Has the option of play message  (Please note, this call may be recorded)

  • Records MP3 or WAV format
  • Analogue Telephone recording
  • Digital Terminal recording
  • IP Terminal recording
  • Number dialed/received
  • Time based recording

South Africa
+27 10217

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