IPECS Attendant is the new software based IP Attendant console that extends the features of ez-Attendant with embedded soft phone function, hotel features and an improved user interface. The powerful Attendant capabilities and superb GUI are designed to improve Attendant functions for the user. IPECS Attendant simplifies call handling for Attendants with a simple click of a mouse on a PC and may operate without the need for desktop hard phone. IPECS Attendant links to local and corporate databases (MS Outlook, Excel, ACT and Goldmine) so the answering position is able to greet callers knowing who is calling. From a glance at the IPECS Attendant Monitoring Window, the receptionist views the status of users idle, busy, etc. IPECS-LIK supports up to 5 Attendant Stations, each of which can be IP Attendant (with or without the associates desk ‘hard phone’), for larger or high call-volume environments and can be used as a Centralized Attendant in networked environment. IPECS Attendant is supported for LIK Hospitality Software, as a separate product ‘PMS Attendant’ (Proprietary Management System). This application requires IPECS-LIK Hotel SW for connection.

  • Route calls with the clicking mouse without switching PC and phone 
  • Status monitoring at a glance with presence based icon and operator takes alternative action
  • Programmable button setting and flexible menu change
  • Drag and drop call control
  • Queue windows displays call waiting list with waiting time and priority
  • Caller information displaying incoming call type: internal, external, recall etc.
  • Wait time and priority based call handling
  • Phone book and directory search
  • Call park, paging, e-mail for alternative call handling
  • Night Service or emergency mode
  • Manual trunk selection for urgent outgoing call
  • Easily set conference, redial, release and etc.
  • Utilizing embedded IP soft phone
  • Data Base management
  • Directory Service
  • Phone Book
  • Flexible and configurable layout and user interface to increase efficiency
  • Statistic report

Hotel Features

  • Wake up Set/Reset
  • Check In/Out
  • Room Status
  • Call control

System Supported

  • IPECS-LIK v5.6 or higher
  • IPECS-MG v2.0 or higher
  • IPECS-CM v3.1 or higher
  • IPECS eMG-80P2

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South Africa
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Zimbabwe & Zambia
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