ClickCall is a PC based application that allows you to dial telephone numbers appearing from a Web pages or documents. ClickCall operates  in conjunction with IPECS systems and IPECS Desk phone to quickly make an outgoing calls. Highlighting the number, allows the number to be displayed on the ClickCall application thereafter the user will click on the Call icon button to initiate a call.

  • Easy dialling to a selectable number by highlighting  it from any Windows application
  • Support Outgoing calls
  • Setup dialling information
  • Multiple language support
  • Exit/Setup through the icon in the Windows system tray
  • Simple installation: No Special Protocol, no dedicated Server needed

Supporting Programs:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.0 or higher
  • Google Chrome 27.0 or higher
  • Mozilla Firefox Browser 19.0 or higher
  • Microsoft Office Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook 2013 or lower
  • Adobe Reader 9,10,11
  • Windows Text Document

Supported Systems : IPECS CM 5.5 /UCP/e-MG80 P2/LIK 6.1

South Africa
+27 10217

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