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The IP-DECT solution is an IP solution based on the SIP protocol. This includes all call communication between the IP-DECT handsets, IP-DECT base stations and the Ericsson-LG PBX* system. The IP-DECT functionality is based on the following three hardware components:

  • GDC-800Bi Base Station - IP-based DECT base station
  • GDC-800R Repeater - DECT repeater to increase DECT cell coverage
  • GDC-800H - E-LG IP-DECT handset

* Only some of the Ericsson-LG PBX systems supports IP-DECT. Please see the IP-DECT datasheet in the Downloads section.

The IP-DECT solution comprises of the following main features & functionality:

  • The IP-DECT solution is an IP solution based on the SIP protocol. 
  • No gateways are required.
  • The GDC-800Bi base station connects to the customer IP network via a standard PoE based IP network Ethernet (IEEE 802.3) connection.  The maximum cable connection distance between the network point and the base station is 100m as specified for a standard Ethernet network connection. PoE (IEEE 802.3af) is required to provide power to the base station.
  • Only the GDC-800H DECT handset can be used as part of the IP-DECT solution. Other DECT handsets are not supported.
  • Maximum 40 GDC-800Bi base stations can be configured per zone.
  • Maximum 13 master base stations can be configured in one direction (more than 13 bases will result in synchronization problems between base stations).
  • Maximum 200 subscribers can be configured per zone.
  • Total maximum DECT subscribers are limited to the number of available SIP extensions on the CM Call Server.
  • Mobility (call handover) is only supported in the same zone.
  • When the handset moves to a different zone, the handset must first be registered to the new zone. Call handover is therefore not supported between zones.
  • Cell coverage can be increased with the use of the GDC-800R repeaters.
  • IP-DECT stations at a remote location do not need gateway modules at the remote locations. Only GDC-800Bi base stations (repeaters are optional) need to be installed at the remote locations. 

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