LIP-9000 DSS & LSS accessories

The LIP-9020, LIP-9030 and LIP-9040 in the LIP-9000 range of terminals, supports the DSS (Direct Station Select) modules. The LIP-9012DSS and LIP-9024DSS are paper underlay type DSS units. The high-end LIP-9024LSS is a LCD underlay type unit.

The LIP-90xxDSS/LSS unit connects to the side of the LIP-9020, LIP-9030 and LIP-9040 terminals via a dedicated connector. The LIP-90xxDSS/LSS units can’t be cascaded thus only a single unit can be connected to a terminal.

  • LIP-9012DSS (Paper label type; 12 keys)
  • LIP-9024DSS (Paper label type; 24 keys)
  • LIP-9024LSS (LCD label type; 12 keys with 2 page button and triple color LED's)

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