GDC-500H DECT Handset

GDC-500H is a wireless handset that employs DECT technology to provide local in-building mobility. Wireless Radio Frequencies (RF) signals are exchanged between the handset and base stations (GDC-400B / 600B/GDC-600BE). Multiple base stations connect to the Wireless Management Interface (WMI) in your system. The WMI links the connected base stations forming a larger Base or Zone. Within this zone, transparent handover of active communications between base stations in the zone is supported.

  • Volume Adjustments
  • Muting your Microphone
  • Do Not Disturb (DND)
  • System Last Number Redial
  • Handset Speed Dial
  • System Save Number Redial
  • Last Number Redial  (Last 10 numbers
  • Emergency call button
  • Two microphones for Noise cancelation.
  • Larger 2” color LCD
  • Bluetooth headset support 
  • Speakerphone functionality, side volume key
  • Serial port for s/w upgrade and direct charging
  • Emergency button
  • GAP compatible
  • Headset Port
  • 7 languages (English, Italian, Spanish, Swedish,  Russian,  Turkish, German)
  • Illuminated Keypad

This is the high end model of the Ericsson-LG System DECT line-up. It has a slick, luxurious feel while rugged design,offering advanced functionality to meet any customers highest expectations.

  • Standard DECT (LGN Proprietary)
  • Frequency band 1880~1900MHz
  • RF Modulation GSFK
  • Dialing Mode : DTMF
  • Range from Base Station to Handset Maximum=100 meters, Typical=70m

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South Africa
+27 10217
Zimbabwe & Zambia
+263 4 781834
+268 2405 2000
TP Technologies
+266 5228 2000

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