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Ldp d

The Ericsson-LG range of LDP-9200 series digital terminals provides a wide range of features to support the business needs for effective daily communications.


The Ericsson-LG LIP-9071, is a high-end Android based touch screen IP based video terminal, with diverse UC features that supports the proprietary E-LG IPKTS protocol. The terminal supports the E-LG UCS solution and NFC tagging is also provided for easy access to smart office solutions. The terminal supports HD quality video and HD voice.

Aria Technologies Africa

The AP-3000D analogue DECT cordless telephone provides customers with a cost effective wireless analogue handset. The AP-3000D is used where there is a requirement for an entry-level cordless DECT handset and scenarios where the user require mobility. The AP-3000D can be used as a standalone device connected to an analogue exchange line, or the unit can be connected to the analogue telephone extension port of a PBX voice solution.


The LKA 200 is a Single line telephone that can connect to the OptiCon PABX systems, or can be used as a standalone phone is a home or office.


GDC-500H is a wireless handset that employs DECT technology to provide local in-building mobility. Wireless Radio Frequencies (RF) signals are exchanged between the handset and base stations (GDC-400B / 600B/GDC-600BE). Multiple base stations connect to the Wireless Management Interface (WMI) in your system. The WMI links the connected base stations forming a larger Base or Zone. Within this zone, transparent handover of active communications between base stations in the zone is supported.


The GDC-600BE is a DECT Base Station to be used on E-LG PABX Systems.

One a log

The OmniLOG voice recording system (One-A-Log) is a reliable and future-proofed single-line multi-user telephone and office recording solution. It is ideal for any size organisation to capture, store, retrieve and play back voice and radio communications. It can be used for digital, analogue and VoIP extensions on any desktop or laptop to deliver high quality voice recordings. It is a top of the range product that is easy to use and can be setup and installed within 5 min.

USB Music on hold
SS Telecoms

Music-on-Hold is one of the most cost-effective means for small, medium and large organisations to advertise their products or services to a captive audience. These systems are easy to install and use, offering a variety of message lengths as well as a selection of royalty based or royalty-free music options. The SS-65NG is a solid state, programmable Music-on-Hold unit designed to provide music to clients while on hold. The unit can also be reprogrammed with advertising messages.

SS Telecoms

The SS-65 provides music to clients whilst they on hold.

LAN Buffer
SS Telecoms

The purpose of the SS-77 is that of a multifunction data buffer. It is designed to collect data from a variety of sources (primarily PABXs) using various protocols. The data can then be retrieved from the SS-77 using a number of different methods. This allows the buffer to be used where the link between the data processing solution and the data source may be intermittent or otherwise prone to data loss. The SS-77 can also be used to provide remote access to serially connected equipment (RS-232) by Ethernet. The data can optionally be time stamped by the buffer.

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