GDC-500H is a wireless handset that employs DECT technology to provide local in-building mobility. Wireless Radio Frequencies (RF) signals are exchanged between the handset and base stations (GDC-400B / 600B/GDC-600BE). Multiple base stations connect to the Wireless Management Interface (WMI) in your system. The WMI links the connected base stations forming a larger Base or Zone. Within this zone, transparent handover of active communications between base stations in the zone is supported.


The LKA 200 is a Single line telephone that can connect to the OptiCon PABX systems, or can be used as a standalone phone is a home or office.

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The AP-3000D analogue DECT cordless telephone provides customers with a cost effective wireless analogue handset. The AP-3000D is used where there is a requirement for an entry-level cordless DECT handset and scenarios where the user require mobility. The AP-3000D can be used as a standalone device connected to an analogue exchange line, or the unit can be connected to the analogue telephone extension port of a PBX voice solution.


The Ericsson-LG LIP-9071, is a high-end Android based touch screen IP based video terminal, with diverse UC features that supports the proprietary E-LG IPKTS protocol. The terminal supports the E-LG UCS solution and NFC tagging is also provided for easy access to smart office solutions. The terminal supports HD quality video and HD voice.

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The Ericsson-LG range of LDP-9200 series digital terminals provides a wide range of features to support the business needs for effective daily communications.

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